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Pick Right Jewellery According To Your Wedding Outfit

28 Nov 2016

Dressing up and looking the best on the D-day takes top priority for any bride, and jewellery forms a vital part of it. In fact, the bridal look is believed to be incomplete unless the bride wears each and every piece of the jewelry meant for her. To make you look great and unique on this important day bridal jewelry is important. Every bride's dream is to look beautiful and elegant on her special day. Jewellery adds sparkle to the whole aura of the bride.

Jewellery designs vary according to the bride's wedding outfit, so it is important to coordinate your jewellery with outfit. So here we are providing some tips on what jewellery looks best according to the different kind of outfits.


1. Blouse Neckline

Neckline Wedding Jewellery
Image Courtesy : Recinda Martis

The shape of neckline matter the most. Round necklines look good with round necklaces, V necklines look good with V shaped necklaces. For sweetheart necklines, yo can go for round necklaces and for higher necklines, layered jewellery is preferable.


2. Match Your Metal Color With Outfit

Metal Color with outfit
Image Courtesy : Parul Garg Makeup

While buying the jewellery keep in mind the color of your lehenga which you are going to wear on your wedding day.  Gold is the most preferred choice for many brides-to-be . Lehengas with bright contrasts and borders look amazing when paired with gold jewellery. A scoop-necked blouse or a short blouse with a bridal lehenga in gold thread and heavy jewellery makes for a great combination for the bride.


3. Mix And Match

mix and match jewellery
Image Courtesy : Recinda Martis

It is not necessary that you need to wear all the jewellery pieces that belong to one set. If the colour and type of stone/metal of different sets match with each other, then you can choose different pieces from them.


4. Heavy Jewellery With Heavy Outfit

heavy jewellery with heavy outfit
Image Courtesy : Recinda Martis

Heavy maang tikka is advisable to a woman having a broader forehead and a light delicate one will suit more on a woman with a smaller forehead. Heavy chains of gold, also embellished with pearls, diamond or precious stones. This piece of jewellery, can be worn at different lengths. “Choker” is a one such style, which fits just right on the neck of the bride.


5. Earrings

Earrings Design
Image Courtesy : Parul Garg Makeup

Earrings are like the best friends of a bridal necklace and both seem to complement each other . If your bridal wear is in a pastel tone, you can opt for stone studded and diamond earrings and for a darker tone bridal wear, you can select gold jewelry pieces. The generally come as a set to match with the necklace. These can also be bought individually and mix-matched with the necklace.


6. Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka
Image Courtesy : Siva Makeup Artist

While selecting a maang tikka, one should choose it according to the size of one’s forehead. A lady with a broader forehead will look good in a heavier maang tikka and a light delicate one will suit more on a woman with a smaller forehead. Keeping in view the matching of the entire bridal jewelry, a maang tikka is generally made along with the bridal set especially matching with the colours of the necklace and the earrings.


7. The Nath (Nose Pin)

Nath or Nose Pin
Image Courtesy : Parul Garg Makeup

The nose – pin or the “naathni”, is worn generally on the left nostril. This can be a stud or a ring. If you have a button nose, a giant nath (nose pin) is going to look garish.


8. Bangles

Bride Bangles
Image Courtesy : Parul Garg Makeup

Bangles are indeed an identity for the brides. A bride is supposed to have a hand full of red or green colored with gold or any other metals, depending on the custom and religion . A variety of designs are available in bangles and one can get it made in only gold or a gold bangle with diamond studs on it.

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