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Pre Wedding Photography goes Underwater

09 Oct 2017

Gone are the days when pre wedding shoots just end up at some exotic beach sunset, a hill station or a togetherness pose at a famous landmark. Bored of seeing the same stuff at every pre wedding pictures, the bride and groom-tobe are going into more adventurous turf. And the latest in the trend is "Underwater Shoot" that's grabbing the spotlight these days.

underwater pre wedding shoot
Image Courtesy: Shutter Monkeyz Photography

For underwater shoot, you and your partner don't have to be certified scuba divers, you just have to be certain of your ability to swim and sink. You should be wearing your wedding dress so don't forget that it will add some extra weight which you need to carry wisely.

bride underwater pre wedding shoot
Image Courtesy: Shutter Monkeyz Photography

If your wedding dress is too expensive and don't want to spoil it, then just go for a cheaper alternative for this shoot. You can also go for a fun and edgy pre wedding photo shoot with swimsuits and sunglasses.

Underwater Photography
Image Courtesy: The Photo Diary

The main difficulty for shooting underwater is the communication between the photographer and the couple. Only the hand signals can be used that the whole team and the couple should understand. So the preparation works take more time than usual, the lighting setup also needs longer than usual.

underwater pre wedding photography
Image Courtesy: WeddingNama

Underwater photography is exhausting. You have to spend a lot of time underwater for clicking the best pictures for your pre wedding shoot. It takes a lot of time and preparation and you have to be well prepared before going underwater shoot.

underwater pre wedding shoot
Image Courtesy: Shutter Monkeyz Photography

underwater pre wedding shoot

We strongly recommend bride and groom to go for a set of underwater model training before going for an underwater shoot. It will let the couple to make yourself comfortable at underwater and make the shoot much more easier and more efficient.

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