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Tips to Plan a Perfect Eco-Friendly Wedding

05 Jun 2017

The planet is warming and human activity is the primary cause. Human activities emit green house gases and which results in Global Warming. But, it's not too late and still we can take measures to save our Planet.

One of the measures we can take is having an Eco-Friendly Wedding. So take a look at these some tips which you should follow to have an Eco-Friendly Wedding and contribute something to save your Planet.

1. Flowers

Eco Friendly Wedding - Flowers
Credits: Atisuto

Flowers can add a huge impact on the environment due to chemical fertilizers used and gas emissions that are released to transport the flowers. Skip the out-of-season blooms and go for a picked-from-the-garden look using local wildflowers. 
Now what to do with the flowers after the wedding? You can replant the flowers after the big day to minimize the waste and allow the flowers to continue to grow.

2. Go for Umbrellas instead of Balloons

Eco Friendly Wedding - Umbrellas
Credits: Marry Me Weddings

Balloons make a great wedding decor, but they are very extremely harmful to birds, sea life and other animals that swallow them. Try hanging vintage umbrellas as a substitute.
They are stylish and colourful and it would be great if you rent or borrow them, it will result that they won't end up at the dump after the wedding.

3. Invitations

Eco Friendly Wedding - Invitations

There is a large amount of paper used in weddings while sending wedding invites to guests. Try to use recycled papers or send out electronic invites to send invites to your guests.

4. Food

Eco Friendly Wedding - Food
Credits: Moets

Food supplied by local/organic growers is a good idea which helps to eliminate the amount of chemicals that would have used in the growing of the food or the transportation of it.
Also consider what you are dining on. If your location doesn't provide dishes, consider renting them to avoid using disposable plates.

5. Photography: Go Digital

Eco Friendly Wedding - Digital Photos
Credits: Minchu Studio

Most of the photographers are using digital cameras these days and digital photos do not affect our environment. Digital photos do not require paper, harsh chemicals and rolls of film that film photography requires. Save a digital album of your big day and save your environment from harsh chemicals.

6. Wedding Dress

Eco Friendly Wedding - Dress
Credits: Avnish Dhoundiyal

Wedding dress leads to the biggest contributors to waste. Choosing a wedding dress that is made out of organic fibre ensures that the garment had minimal impact on the environment during its production. Go for vintage/ second hand dress and have it altered instead of buying a new one.
After the wedding, brides can sell or donate her wedding dress or have it recycled to create a new garment.

Key concept for having an eco-friendly wedding is to ensure that the items being used will not quickly become waste. Go for borrowed or recycled items , instead of one-time disposable items such as hosiery, plates, cups, ornaments or wedding favors.

Consider renting items needed for the the wedding instead of purchasing them to control the amount of waste that could be created and try to prevent or reduce all harmful impacts that could be placed on the environment by resources used for the wedding.

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